On a bad day there is always lipstick!


It's MAC Cosmetics Relentlessly Red ! 

PRICE - 1450 INR

Mac Relentlessly red lipstick

Here's my new obsession these days MAC's Relentlessly Red Lipstick . I love to wear it . It's the most beautiful bright pink and complements my medium Indian skintone so amazingly well.

Mac Relentlessly red lipstick

It's a Retro matte,Relentlessly Red on MAC website is described as "Bright Pinkish Coral Matte" and I kinda agree on that. It photographs differently in different lighting.  It'll show up different on different skin tones depending up on the pigmentation of the lips.

Kindly ignore the red pumps in the background:p

 It is really opaque. I have two swipes in the pictures. Its a super matte and a little drying too, so I would advice you to prep your lips with a lip balm before applying this lipstick in order to get a smooth application.

It is pretty much like ruby woo, very drying and I could feel the dryness within 3-4 hours. But because the color is so damn pretty that dryness issue hardly matters :p

This lipstick lasts for more than 6 hours on me and after that leaves a nice tint on the lips.

Hope you like it, Thank you for going through the review :)

Afreen =D

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