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Mac lip pencil review in the shade CHERRY and MORE TO LOVE .


Hello again !

I'm glad to know that my blog posts are actually helping some people to know more about the lippies and other products reviewed.. Yaayyy! 

Today it's about Mac my most preferable brand. I normally don't buy lip liners and thought liners are not so important and underrated product where as now I've realised that it's the most important accessory. These two beauties are something special that I really couldn't think of not buying.

1.Mac Cherry lip pencil.

Price : 1400 ₹ 

Mac Cherry lip pencil

• It's one of the best lip pencil from Mac. It is perfectly designed to give a nice shape to the lip, it has a smooth creamy texture which is perfect for lining or simply filling it in the lip. As by Mac it is described as Vivid bright bluish red, it is cool toned red and works really well with ruby woo and also very flattering on its own . I was recommended to use Cherry lip pencil when I first got my hands on ruby woo as they both really compliments a lot. Not just Ruby woo but Cherry lip pencil can go with any red lipstick.

Mac Cherry lip pencil

• It is very pigmented and opaque, it's just one swipe in the pictures.

• It has very smooth and creamy texture , glides on easily and doesn't not dry out my lips.

• it's very long lasting, stays on for pretty good time 6-7 hours easily. Doesn't bleed or fade easily 

Mac lip pencil.

All I can say that Mac Cherry lip pencil is unbeatable and I love it , it's a must for every red lipstick junkie.

2. Mac More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil. 

Price : 1800 ₹ 

 Mac More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil

• It's a shade of a Mac lip pencil that will work with several pinks or nudes. The packaging is amazing with the black body and black cap with the pencil shade line in the bottom which helps you to easily identify the shade, this shade lip pencil is longer than cherry lip pencil. It is about 1 cm long.

0Mac lip pencil.

• As by Mac it is described as an intense bluish pink and no doubt it is definitely very intense in term of color and lasting power.

 Mac More to Love Pro Longwear lip pencil.

• it's very much long lasting , last time I applied it and it lasted for more than 8 hours without fading or tugging the lips and while removing had to use a makeup remover still there was a nice pink tint 

• For me it works really well with lipsticks like all fired up , flat out fabulous and impassioned. I had used this lip pencil with several nude lipstick and looked pretty much flattered.

These two lip pencils are like the most important accessory in my makeup kit because they work so well with all the Reds,pinks and nude lipstick. I would say it's a good investment for such versatile lip pencils because you don't have to keep buying lip pencils for all the lipstick shades you own. 

Thank you all once again for going trough the reviews. I'll definitely try to be more consistent with the blogging and keep updating the blog once a week or hopefully even more :) 

Hope you all have a great weekend ! 
Afreen :) 

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