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I've had this blog post planned for a while now, couldn't wait to share. After including some ethnic wear reviews I had to add some jewellery post because that's what boost the attire be it a man or a woman. In today's post I have few essential artificial jewellery that goes on with almost every outfit and it does wonders. No matter how simple or plane the outfit is one attractive piece of jewellery changes the whole look. Here I've posted few pictures of my favourites.

•These are my most preffered accessories, I am not a earring lover but there are few ( butterfly earrings) that I wouldn't mind wearing and I love these necklaces. I can pair them with any outfit and make the outfit look better. 

•It's a German silver jewellery. It is really captivating and I adore it. I wear it mostly with white colour or any plain top.

•This oxidised necklace is one of my favourites. It goes on with so many outfit, Indian and western both, especially with a white shirt.

•Pearl choker necklace again one of my favourites it is something that I totally adore, extremely captivating. Wear it with a kurti, LBD or any top goes on really well.

•I'm so much in love with these exquisite earrings that I got two in same pattern but different colours. Golden n silver does it all these two colours goes of well with any outfit. I mostly prefer wearing these earrings with ethnic wear or just a kurti for an ethnic look.

•This stylish wild cuff bracelet is something that I didn't like at first but after a while I started liking it. The neon orange colour doesn't go on every outfit but it does wonder when worn with a plain black dress. 

•It's a 4 years old hen pendant. I use it so much with tees and tops and it really look cute and captivating. 


•Totally adore this little treasure box, I keep most of my accessories In it. The design and the mirror in it is very captivating. Got it as a gift long back and I'm still very much in love with it. It has got pretty floral embroidery on it.

Hope you like this post again it was something apart from makeup. For any feedback please feel free to contact. You can send me a mail or comment below.

Thank you !
Afreen :)

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