What's In My Bag?


I've been longing to do a What's In My Bag blog post for quite sometime now, So here it is !

These are my everyday essentials plus occasionally required stuff. Being a diabetic and a full time teacher I really had to carry big shoulder bags and lot of  useful stuff, Large size shoulder bags because I personally don't like carrying a separate hand bag for the lunchbox or snacks. well! im not gonna display what exactly I carry in my bag at school because that's way to messy to show! Anyway In today's post I'm going to share with you what all i carry while I go for shopping,brunching or just a day out with friends.

Starting with the sling. Its a Charles and Keith sling bag which is my one of the most favorites sling after the fringe bag that I have. Its cute and classy and quite spacious to carry the essential stuff. Goes of with almost any attire and I simply adore it,

Its a Louis Vuitton wallet that I recently bought. I'm not so wallet friendly, Keep on loosing them but this time hoping to use it to the fullest plus cant afford to loose it (expensive) Its classy and I can keep all the cards and money of course :p

I'm a huge fan of Ajmal perfumes and have most of them, currently using the Amethyst ( not from Ajmal) and its great, Stays for really long like after washing the clothes still It smells incredibly great.

Hand Sanitizer and Smooth milk.
I have to carry them and have no option because you never know when you'll be needing them. They are really small and can fit easily in the sling or any bag.

I always prefer carrying little bit of makeup. The very essential ones especially Lip balm, Blush, Eyeliner pencil and a lipstick.

Obviously I don't leave the house without my phone. I think nobody does that, It is as important as makeup,food or anything that's really important.

The above content was all about the stuff that I carry in a sling bag. But if I'm carrying a LOUIS VUITTON  Shoulder bag I add few more makeup Like a good Mascara,Compact or loose powder, Kohl pencil, Liquid liner pen, cream blush and a nude,pink and red lipstick. Apart from makeup I do carry a pouch to keep them all organized. I also always keep a diary and my candy box.

That's all ! I have skipped a lot of things that I also keep along because I felt they weren't so important and focused mainly on the beauty stuff :p

Thank you for stopping by, Hope you like it.

Afreen :)

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