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Hey everyone,

Back with some more makeup, Today I'm going to review my favourite nude lipstick from MAC.
Taupe reminds me of Velvet teddy when I see it in a tube but velvet teddy is a little lighter shade where as Taupe is a reddish soft brown. Its a gorgeous color, definitely one of my favorite lippies from Mac.

Mac Taupe Lipstick Review.

Price : 1450 INR

Mac Taupe Lipstick

Taupe is a bolder version of velvet teddy and at certain point with the satin finish Retro. It is more of  a earthy brick shade. In simple words it is somewhat like a muted terracotta. Its a beautiful deep nude color and not a fleshy or beige kind of nude.

Mac Taupe Lipstick

The packaging is the usual classy MAC black bullet case with silver lining on it, that comes in a black cardboard box with the details mentioned on it.

Mac Taupe Lipstick

Its a perfect nude that looks healthy on my lips. Its subtle but flattering. The matte formulation is amazing but it can be super drying so I always exfoliate my lips or moisturize with a lip balm before applying. The shade is an everyday wear, I wear it a lot at work for a natural look.

Mac Taupe Lipstick

This lipstick has enough pigments, Only require a single swipe and it lasts really long up to 7 hours for me until a meal 4-5 hours.

Mac Taupe Lipstick

The shade is just perfect shine free and perfectly matte. This color would suit many skin tones. If you're looking for a subtle natural brown lipstick that is a perfect nude then this is the best choice. Its a perfect earthy color. Nude shade lovers are definitely going to adore it.

If you like nude shades, try this lipstick ! I would highly recommend. Hope you enjoyed !
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  1. Lovely texture on lips.....I have the same shade...it goes well with your dark kohl eyes.....