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5 Must Haves In Your Bag While Travelling This Summer


We have heard and read a lot about how to do summer makeup and how to dress in summers. A lot of tutorials and articles are available to make people aware of how to get dressed up and beautify themselves amidst the sweaty summer. But, how many of you are aware of what to carry with you in your bag always when you move out in the sun?

Now, this question must have reminded about your bag and by this time you must have already popped into your bag to analyze what are the items with which you roam around. Here is a list of 5 must haves in your bag while travelling this summer. Carry them always with you. Now here go the five things…

Face Wipes

Face wipes is very much an essential commodity in your bag no matter what the season is! It is needed to wipe off the dirt and the sweat that accumulates on your skin and the pores while you move out in the sun. Use face wipes to make your face look fresh always. Dab with it on your face each time when you feel it is lacking freshness and that it is filled with dirt. You get to buy a lot of face wipes from various brands that are perfumed as well.

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Water Bottle

Summer is tiring and it is not possible to buy water whenever you feel tired or thirsty. It is essential carry a water bottle that is filled with water. It helps you to quench your thirst whenever you want. Remember, summer is too hot and if you do not intake sufficient amount of water, you body is likely to become dehydrated and weak.


Most of you are aware of the fact that our skin is likely to get more damages and rough during summer season due to the exposure to hot sun. We do apply sunscreen as part of our makeup while getting ready to move out but later on forget to apply it. Carry them in your bag and reapply them every two hours on your exposed areas to prevent tanning and skin diseases.

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Though you apply sunscreen, it is always good if you be in the shade while you are in the sun. Carry an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the heat, dust, wind and also from the hot sun. Make sure that you always carry them in your bag this summer to escape from the summer hues.                   

Lip Balm

You take immense care of your skin and how can you forget your lips that frames your face with that beautiful smile? Take care of your beautiful lips this summer. Carry lip balm to moisturise your lips whenever you feel them dry and chapped. You can choose the one with the right shade that suits your lips and apply them whenever necessary.

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