Skin And Hair Care Essentials for Summer.


Hi all,

I'm back with summer essentials again, but this time I have mainly focused on the skincare and hair care that most of us tend to skip. Well ! Summer means Vacations and that leads to lot of Sun activities whether that be by a beach or a pool or while doing outdoor activities. We all know that there is no greater enemy to healthy skin and hair than the effects of the sun. So to protect myself adequately from the sun's damaging rays these are my essentials. To know more keep reading !



For face I would highly recommend to use Neutrogena face wash, daily scrub, cooling toner and a moisturiser and sun block to all your exposed skin. This routine really saves my face from getting tanned or damaged.



Skin care

I'm a substantial lover of The Body Shop products. They have it all from skin to skin and weather to weather. Though I use lot of strawberry polish and body wash but during summers I have to change it in to Honeymania shower gel and Japanese Cherry Blossom they are extremely soothing for my skin and make it feel soft, smooth and supple. 

Other than the shower gels I prefer exfoliating the skin with a good body scrub or a body polish and for that case I am immensely in love with Boutique's Wild Fig & Pink Cedar radiance body scrub. It has extracts of chamomile, Honey and Pink Peony which is again very beneficial for the skin, It also controls the oil secretion and balances the ph. I use twice in a week for a radiant and smooth skin. 

Boutique body scrub

Hair care 

What makes a great hair kit ? Definitely the set of the right shampoo and conditioner. It's convenient to opt for both shampoo and conditioner from the same brand. Thus I'm obsessed with these ogx shampoos and conditioners. 

Ogx Shampoo and Conditioner

Now as it is summer, currently I'm using the hydrating macadamia oil shampoo & conditioner. It's an ultra moisturising luxurious formula infused with nutrient rich macadamia oil to instantly hydrate and smooth parched, dry hair while exotic sugarcane extract and bamboo extract soften and mend split ends for a luscious, vibrant mane with brilliant shine. You can select your shampoo and conditioner based on several factors including the results that you are expecting and the type of hair you have.

Ogx shampoo and conditioner

• For centuries, people have taken the advantage of the many argan oil benefits to treat several skin and hair problems. Now man and woman mostly include it in daily routine. Argan oil can be used in several ways be it a skin moisturiser, stretch marks, acne, skin toner and leave in conditioner. I've been using MOROCCO ARGAN OIL since ages and I'm truly impressed and mesmerised. It has really improved the quality of my hair. It is really useful to apply Argan oil during summers and winters. It's an ultra light formula which is absorbed by the hair instantly and has the ability to restore over processed hair damage by chemical procedures. It also protect hair from environmental factors. 

Morocco Argan Oil

Hope you find it meaningful and useful, let me know what is your skin and hair care routine or essentials in the comments. Thank you for stopping by and reading it.


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