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All You need to know about NIVEA MEN Replenishing After Shave Balm.


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Hope you all are doing fine and all updated with your winter skincare, hair care and also the lipsticks. So its been a while I couldn't publish anything here I was having super busy days from past two weeks So finally got some time to show you guys whats my current favorite product that I just cant live without and this for sure is going to be my long term affection. So Keep scrolling to know more about it.

 NIVEA MEN Replenishing After Shave Balm.

So you must be wondering, Why would I review a Men's after shave balm? well ! I got the same reaction from my husband when I started using it. I bought this product on my hunt for a great primer after reading heaps of good reviews about it and When I tell you this stuff is truly a holy grail !! It really is. There are several benefits of it and best part is it can be used by both men and women.

The product works as an amazing PRIMER. It really helps makeup to last longer and everything remains in place, Stops foundation oxidizing and increase wear time. It has to be rubbed gently into the skin until its tacky. A little amount of it is sufficient and goes a long way and excels the quality of base required to hold the makeup for long, especially the wear of blush and powder contour. Since I have got my hands on it, I feel I don't have to try another primer because it is as good as a high end one. My face usually get a bit itchy when wearing most silicone primers but this one does make me feel more comfortable and feels super light on the skin.

It also works great as a MOISTURIZER. It was expected to work as a great primer but to my surprise it is also an amazing moisturizer. I have a very sensitive Combination to Dry skin depending upon the weather. For me a good moisturizer is a must! And this one appeared to be one of those. This post shave balm moisturizes my face in a way that keeps my skin hydrated and the dry patches at bay, also reduces the oil appearing on my face (T zone). A pea size amount covers my whole face and part of my neck. Skin stays moisturized for a really long time.

It is also great for SOOTHING your skin after all the harsh threading that we usually do in order to get the brows done or upper lips and also the chin area. The formula is so soothing as it has glycerin that instantly get the irritated areas rid of burning sensation we get after plucking or threading facial hair. It has also passed the allergy test on me so there's nothing else I could ask for. Highly impressed with this product.

There has to be some cons after so may pros :p The packaging looks classy but it really needs a pump on top of it because the product is very runny and you kind of just pour it on your hand and a lot of product gets wasted and creates mess. so one needs to be very careful while using it, also because its glass packaging. It does have a strong masculine fragrance obviously because it is indeed for male customers and kind of too strong to tolerate but also gives a very refreshing feel which is quite bearable for me but I can definitely smell it on me all day! which can be a big no no for some people. Otherwise this product is a Savior to me.

Overall, I'm highly impressed with this product and would highly recommend to everyone who's looking for a great quality primer that would defeat other high end primers being super affordable and works for multipurpose. Thank you for stopping by, Keep visiting.


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