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Skin Care Products You Must Try! THE BODY SHOP



Hope you all are doing fine. So I'm back with skincare today and I feel skincare products are most neglected by a lot of us. Sometimes we end up using any random soap be it any soap with harsh chemicals which would cost reasonably cheap and smells good. But do we ever think of the effect that it leaves behind on our skin? Nahh!! So I'm going to share with you'll some of my most favorites and also universally adored products which are very natural and beneficial to our skin.

Don't settle for anything less and henceforth I always think that The Body Shop is one hell of a destination for a wonderful skin that anybody would crave for. The Body Shop carries a wide range of products for the body, face, hair and home. Their products are "inspired by nature" everything is so natural especially their fragrances are just unbeatable. They are a little on the pricey side but every penny is worth buying their products.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Wash.

The Body Shop

Revive your mind, body and soul with the Fuji Green Tea Body Wash. It has a crisp and refreshing scent of Fuji Green Tea.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel, Strawberry Body polish.

The Body Shop

My most purchased products from TBS are these ones. I started using them since when I was in 8th grade and still its the most favorite scent and the product. they are very gentle on skin and the scent remains all day long if used along with the strawberry sorbet.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel.

The Body Shop

This is one of the most Running products after the strawberry shower gel. My husband steals it all the time, Men like it too as in its pretty unisex and they'll want to use it themselves. It very refreshing and smells natural. Its suitable for normal to oily skin type.

The Body Shop Pinita Colada Shower Gel.

The Body Shop

It has a delicious tropical scent, blend of citrus and sweet fragrance. Distinctly smell Pineapple and Coconut which is an amazing thing. Think of Pina Colada and you are instantly transported to a dreamy land. TBS Pinita Colada shower gel does the same. One whiff and you’ll fall in love.

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel, Soap- Savon.

The Body Shop

It contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. It smells heavenly and its my current obsession. This shower gel is perfect for fall, its very hydrating and suitable to all skin types. The soap is equally good and also works like a candle that spread its fragrance throughout in the bathroom.

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet.

The Body Shop

This Body sorbet is a cool moisturizer, infused with juicy strawberry scent! its breakthrough sorbet texture instantly melts into skin for a frosty burst of fresh moisture. Its very light and fast absorbing.
Its divine fragrance smells of a field of strawberries.

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Foaming Bath, Frosted Berries Body Butter.

The Body Shop

The Limited Edition Frosted Berries Bath Foam Balances fresh notes of cranberry, blackcurrant and raspberry with white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla, this scent creates a blissful spa experience. The body butter is my most favorite it leaves skin smelling beautiful and feeling refreshed.

The Body Shop Spiced Apple Shower Gel.

The Body Shop

Spiced Apple Shower gel is also a limited edition range. This mouth-watering collection contains Alpine apple seed oil from green apples grown in the orchards of the Italian Alps, well known for its hydrating benefits to the skin. It smells heavenly. I personally adore such scents and it just refreshes up the mood, skin. Also the bathroom and loofah smells great forever.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Shower Gel.

The Body Shop

Japanese cherry blossom extract traditionally renowned for its soothing properties and Community Trade organic honey soothes and moisturizes the skin. It smells very gentle and feels gentle on the skin . Also gives instant radiance and smoothness.

I hope you enjoyed my review or found it somewhat helpful. you can find these products on the website or in the store. I would highly recommend The Body Shop Products. I have also tried their makeup range and they are amazing as well. Thank you for stopping by, Keep visiting.


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