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Fabindia Rose Geranium Gel Scrub Review


HOLA !!!

So are you all geared up for Summer? It's time to update your skincare and I recently bought this beautiful Rose Scrub from Fabindia. So I was excited to buy the moment I spotted this baby in the store. I am a sucker for anything that is made up of rose. I believe it's very natural and suits my skin a lot. So to know more about the product, keep reading.

Fabindia Rose Geranium Gel Scrub

Fabindia Rose Geranium Gel Scrub

Fabindia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub, a daily scrub which will not harm the skin. Can be used on face and body. Fabindia Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub is infused with the essential oil of Geranium, an antiseptic by nature. It also includes goodness of Aloe Vera which is a rich source of Vitamin E, promoting hydrated and moist skin and Walnut granule which gently exfoliate and removes dead skin, blackhead, and whitehead.

It contains Purified Water, Walnut Granules, Hydroxyethyl Urea, Carbomer, Lactic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Imid Urea, Fragrance, Rose Petals, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Aloe Vera Extract, Glycerine, Vitamin E Acetate, Geranium Oil.

Fabindia Rose Geranium Gel Scrub

It is extremely gentle on skin and the best part about the product is it can be used for face as well as body. although the granules are quite harsh but not extremely harsh and don't harm the skin. So one can use it for both purposes and also it's really good to get rid of the whiteheads on the back. I believe this product is an expert for whitehead removal.

The fragrance is pretty bearable, it does not have a very sweet rosy smell but it's gentle and smells like a mixture of rose and walnut which is quite decent and refreshing.

The packaging is very classy and easy to store, I use a small spatula or even a spoon will do in order to maintain hygiene. I also like the size of the tub and quantity it's sufficient to use for both body and face.

Fabindia Rose Geranium Gel Scrub

I have a very sensitive and dry skin which cannot stand a lot of scrubbing. so this scrub is just a perfect scrub for my skin as it is a gel based which is not at all harsh and also cleanses my skin to the fullest and leaves the skin soft and glowy. I think this product is best suited to all skin types, I would highly recommend this product for a healthy skin care regime.

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