10 fashion trends that will take 2017 by storm


As spring/summer edges closer, now is the time to start considering new-season style. SS 2017 takes fashion back to the drawing board, re-defining a confident look with super stripes, metallic effects, graphic prints, bralettes, exaggerated shoulders and colors like magenta, blush pink and lemon yellow. Fashion is just like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder and instead of hot trends, let’s talk about the trends that will flourish to their fullest potential this year. If you are thinking what to wear this SS then don't limit yourself with the same old boring trends, This master list of styles are here to stay in 2017!

1.Super Stripes

The new collections are zinging with stripes of all shapes and sizes, Horizontal, vertical, on ribbed jerseys, billowing silks, for a night, for a day, and layered too. The simplest ideas are always the best. Dip a toe into this trend. Try a striped kimono with a tank top inside and also pair up classy boots to complete the look. Stripes do make your look elegant also the color combination matters. we all know the magic of a monochrome stripe dress but have you ever tried a colorful stripe that would again lift up the whole look and makes the outfit super stylish. So super stripes are something that will never end being favorites. Stripes went far beyond the classic navy-and-white nautical ones we all know and love, but they absolutely have just as much statement-making appeal. Get a head start on the trend with all the different stripes that will be hitting stores this season. Think Stripes, The new and fabulous.

Garden Prints/ Florals

Blooms continue to flourish on clothing and accessories. For those less willing to live in bloom all season long, the floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, mini dresses, skirts, and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring. Perhaps this is why the floral trend is one that just won’t go away.


Yes, after years of wearing T-shirt bras that all but disappear under tops, this season is all about the bralette and we're all about showing it off. So, what defines a bralette versus a traditional bra? A bralette is basically a hybrid of a lace bra with a sports bra. Instead of a hook-and-eye closure, it's pull-on, and typically doesn't have an underwire. In a word, they're comfortable. Perfect for summer. One can wear it over a cropped T-shirt.over it. Paired with high-rise denim, sleek ankle boots, and a textured long kimono jacket, this inventive bra styling trick adds an element of proportion and intrigue to casual airport look.


Why we love it whether they're framing the face or spiraling off the hips, architectural ruffles build the foundation of a dramatic evening look. The stiff, austere waves are more modern than the floppier furls of past seasons, making the feminine detail feel new again. And while ruffles can often be a feminine detail, it was the dramatic oversized styles that caught our eye appearing on everything from sleeves to collars to hemlines. The trick to pulling off flounce and looking like an adult: Make the ruffle the focal point of your outfit, and make sure it’s dramatic and structured—a high-style signature—as opposed to a bunch of limp, half-assed frills, which can look cheap and indecisive.


We saw lace-up fronts dominate the runway last spring. Now the lace-up look is still going strong and, thankfully, will transition perfectly into Spring/Summer. One of the most popular trends this season, Lace-up everything. This trend has abandoned its boho origins to adapt to all types of looks. A working day, a cocktail, a first date… laces gained a whole new spot in today's fashion! The lace up trend began its takeover with sky-high heels, ballet flats, gladiator sandals but has since made its way into tops, bodysuits, and dresses. Celebrities and fashion bloggers from all over the world are rocking revealing looks that feature alluring lace-up details, whether it be demurely placed on the sides of a dress or exposing a touch of cleavage on a plunging top. Play up the style with a vampy dark red lip, or tone it down with glowy, neutral makeup. The tone is entirely up to you, and the styling options are endless. Carry-all bag or a trendy clutch — what you pair with a lace-up dress or top can totally determine the look.

6. Ruching

Ruched clothing has been around for a long time. The techniques of ruching have been said to have started since the middle Ages. The gathered folds of fabric compliment almost any body type there is. The busy details can either cover or accentuate any body part you want depending on how you bring it to play. Considering the season, drawstrings by way of sportswear-inspired looks are expected. The decorated parka dresses with numerous drawstring loopies, though pairing it with fishnets amps up the street wear edge.

7.Modern bohemian

I believe I'm a bohemian soul with a free spirit and first thing comes to my mind are the flowy maxi dresses and the fringes. Accessories like fringe bags, pom pom jewelry, and tasseled earrings give a perfect boho touch to any plain outfit. While it seems that dressing the part is most appropriate during the summer when you can wear flowy maxi dresses and chiffon kimonos to your heart’s content, true bohemian style is just as easy to pull off in any season. Society is turning back the clock when it comes to style, as the Bohemian hippie style is now the new cool trend. Everywhere we go people are wearing free flowing clothing, and seemingly worn out jeans. In most cases, these individuals seem to be very at ease, and confident. Perhaps a more relaxed fashion sense just inspires confidence, in an easy, breezy kind of way.

8.Geometric prints

We must confess math wasn't exactly our strong suit in school. But while our knowledge of theorems was shaky and we never liked proving triangles were congruent, geometric patterns on the runway and red carpet make perfect sense! Lately, a sea of bold prints that make use of geometric shapes--inventive combinations of diamonds, circles, hexagons, and more--and result in a seriously stylish outcome. Feeling obtuse about this trend? Whether you choose to wear a head-to-toe look or simply want to incorporate a couple of right angles into your ensemble. Want to put a little geometry into play in your everyday look? Consider a standout piece like a skirt or dress! but If you're more minimalist, go for the accessories route with this bold trend like punchy patterned scarfs (floral, paisley, and everything in between)

9.Army / Khaki

khaki is the new black. The army and military things are back in fashion and we all know how to vogue in these awesome outfits. What can I say, everything looks impressive! An over sized khaki olive tee tucked in high-waisted crispy white ankle trousers is my perfect khaki style I would wear. The army trend keeps on rolling and the seasons makes it look even better. This year many stylists advice us to use only a few military accents, by adding only one clothing piece or accessory, so the overall outfit looks more flexible and versatile. One thing stays unchanged and it's the color. No matter if it's olive, khaki, green or emerald, but the green hue makes us look sophisticated and masculine. Just imagine a classic fit blazer in khaki or green color...yep, it automatically becomes army inspired. Plus, this color adds a kind of relaxed and effortless look, but in the meantime, still structured and somewhat disciplined. This time we have a freedom of choice, as we can wear whatever we like, starting from khaki top teamed with skinnies, to army green skirt. Some ladies take it to the top by adding stilettos and making their selves look army luxe inspired.

10.Statement Sleeves 

This season, it’s all about statement sleeves. From bell-shaped and extra-long to balloon and cold-shoulder, attention grabbing sleeves are stealing all the spotlight. So, to make sure that you’re not left in the dark, you can grab some styles for your wardrobe which includes Bell sleeves, Bishop Sleeves, Flounce Sleeves, Ruffle Sleeves, Extra Long Sleeves, Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves, Cold-Shoulder Sleeves, Layered Sleeves, Fur Sleeves and Balloon Sleeves. Forever21 and Zara are the brands that have varieties of sleeves options that you can check out for.

So those were the 10 fashion trends that will take the coming Spring/Summer by storm, So be ready to dive deep into this ultra list of trends for 2017 and remember Fashion has no definite rules when it comes to layering and matching. So have fun and rock on!! Thank you for stopping by!


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