Tips That You Must Know to Look Tempting in Palazzo Salwar Suits


Bored of carrying same looks every day? Tired of wearing jeans, denims and other western
dresses? It’s time to ditch that looks, and resort to a refreshing style. The charm of ethnic wear
in India never fades away. Palazzo salwar suits have added a pinch of hotness to that ethnic
wear women of all ages have been crushing on. The free flowy suit has become a wardrobe
staple. High-on- fashion, these staples are perfect for today’s women who want the fusion of
modern and traditional together.

What are palazzo pants?

These are long trousers with wide leg width. The loose and wide legs flare out right from the
waist area that resembles bell-bottom like structure. However, there is a slight difference- while
in bell bottom the flares start from the knee area, in palazzo it starts from the waist. You can
wear these bottoms with almost every kurta from Anarkali to Straight-Cut, C-Cut and more.
These bottoms are comfortable and perfect for almost every occasion. Be it a casual dressing
need or a formal suit requirement, these pants prove to be quite versatile.

There are different types of palazzo pants though. Less flared, full flared, with elastic, with
stripes and more. As far as colours are concerned, you can let your imaginations run wild as
these can be found in every shade! Pant salwar suits especially with palazzo has gone up
owing to their chic looks. Even celebrities aren’t behind in flaunting such appearances on and
off the screens. Be it weekend party, cultural events, festivals or office, you can wear them
anywhere easily.

There is no doubt to say that palazzo pants are hot-selling staples these days. The elegant and
feminine charm that they carry is what temping women to clear up some space in their
wardrobe. Printed, plain, solid, lacy, there are various styles you can avail online or offline.
We know you have been yearning to slip into them as soon as possible. Hence, for your
convenience, we have come up with some useful tips to style palazzo impeccably.

Pick high waist fit palazzo as it makes your frame look longer and lean.

Adding a belt will shift focus from your problem area to waist area. It’s the best trick to highlight
your waistline.

Wear pumps or pointed heels to bring out the best looks. Do not opt for sneakers or flats with
palazzo salwar suits as they will ruin the charm.

You can wear either a side slit kurta with it or go for the one with closed sides. Both will look
great on it.

Short or long, both kurtas can be paired with it for an Indo-western look.

Wear matching statement jewellery or accessory to bring out the best in you.

Layering is quite easy if you want to dress for colder months. Toss over a short or long shrug.
So, girls, when are you going to get dressed in palazzo salwar suits? Go shopping for palazzo
pants and be the diva you wanted to be!


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