A day on the streets of Mumbai with the children who live there! #2



So this time it was even more special and warm. I really can't tell you guys enough how happy and blessed it felt. Also, Thank you so much for all the appreciations on the previous post regarding how we can bring smiles and change for those beautiful souls on the streets.

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As committed I went back to meet them on a Sunday afternoon with my cousin. It was again a little weird feeling initially and a lot of doubts and thoughts but the moment I reached the spot got down the car I heard them saying, Didi!! Hi! Yes, They remembered. Sahil and Bhoomi they remembered. I was the happiest and bang!! all the awkwardness was gone. I was surprised to witness such pleasant welcome, not just by the kids but also their mother was happy with our presence.

This time I could connect more, got to know them even better. They've been living on the streets since they were born. But their parents made sure they send them to school so they don't lead the same life as they are now. I really respect their decision and the hard work they are putting in order to make a better world for their children. This time again I saw them playing with empty boxes, Bhoomi was draping herself with a dupatta and they were happy. I also got introduced to Manisha who was Bhoomi's friend. They both go to the same school together.

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I have a funny moment to share, while I wanted to click a picture with Manisha my camera didn't work and soon she said, Oh Didi! My father has a better phone even in dark he clicks great photos and his phone is the best, better than yours. I don't know if you'd find it funny or not but I did. They do know so much about the world and keen to know more. What they need are opportunities, love, and care. I had such great fun moments, we had burgers and fries together and I was so engrossed in the moment that I forgot to capture them.

All I want to say is People! go meet someone like them, trust me you will feel the joy of happiness and everything you've been complaining about might just turn in to a blessing. There are desires that we just can't resist but what I learn from Sahil and Bhoomi is how to be happy no matter what the situation is. They are highly ambitious One wants to become a pilot and the other one wants to be a teacher, Guess what we can make their dreams come true by 'Donating'. I have decided to help Sahil and Bhoomi in getting books or whatever I can in my own budget. Maybe next time I meet them I can get them story books and hug them and smile at them I think that would be a beautiful contribution as well. Also, being a Teacher I can help them learn English. I don't say that its easy and It will make a difference overnight. But I do believe someday it'll change and they'll be better than me. 

Also, as summer vacation is about to begin why don't we collect all the notebooks that still have some blank pages from our school going children and distribute amongst the children on the street. Not only notebooks but you can probably share the textbooks as well, instead of selling them unless you yourself are needy. Again if you have nothing to give Just smile, Hug them and make them feel equal after all we all are humans and this will make them the happiest.

I hope it made sense, Thank you for stopping by.

Much love,
Afreen :)

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  1. A great initiative! Keep it up! The world needs more kind and caring souls like you.