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Beat the heat with TE-A-ME ICE BREWS PEACH TEA


It’s officially Summer and nothing can beat summer days better than an iced peach tea. I am indeed a hot coffee person but an iced peach tea doesn’t harm on extremely hot and tiring days

Price - 325 INR

So when the brand first sent in this product - TE-A-ME ICE BREWS PEACH TEA It made me sort of curious to try it as early as possible because I adore a nice chilled peach juice and many a times tried the canned peach ice tea so, I wondered how would this one perform. And I’m not surprised that it tastes ah-mazing!!! The first thing that really hit me up was the fragrance, the moment I brewed it in the chilled water the aroma felt so so good. After brewing for around 5 mins I finally took a sip of it and let me tell you it was indeed the best iced peach tea I have had in a while. Also what really made me happy that it’s super easy to make and there’s no need to add sugar, it’s sweet enough already even though there is no sugar added. 

Let’s quickly run you through the brand because they’re amazing and making life simpler in this scorching time. 
Te-A-Me ice brews Are delicious new blends of fruits, Herbs and all things Nice, They are all natural and super healthy, Giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every step. Even better, they can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water no boiling required. How cool is that! Brew, serve, enjoy.

I hope you find this meaningful. I would definitely recommend you to give this one a try because this definitely makes water interesting and will help you stay cool in the summers. 
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Much love :D

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